Hello there :)
Today I made this top 5 of Lana Del Rey's songs, I chose only one song from each album...

  • 5 National Anthem
lana del rey, national anthem, and vintage image lana del rey, smoke, and national anthem image
"Money is the reason we exist everybody knows it it's a fact kiss kiss"
  • 4 Video Games
black and white, photo, and Queen image Image by ana
" They say that the world was built for two only worth living if somebody is loving you "
  • 3 West Coast
lana del rey, west coast, and Queen image lana del rey, west coast, and ultraviolence image
" But you've got the music, you've got the music in you, don't you? "
  • 2 Freak
lana del rey, freak, and honeymoon image sunset, california, and palm trees image
" If time stood still I'd take this moment, make it last forever "
  • 1 Cherry
cherry, red, and tumblr image Image by gi carvalho
" Love I said real love, it's like feeling no fear When you're standing in the face of danger 'Cause you just want it so much "

5 Born to Die ✿ 4 Born to Die/ The Paradise Edition ✿ 3 Ultraviolence ✿2 Honeymoon ✿ 1 Lust for Life