1. That everyone finds their soulmate whoever that may be

love, couple, and quotes image love, couple, and boy image kiss, love, and couple image couple, Relationship, and goals image

2. To feel inspired

I didn't really know what kinds of pictures to use to show inspiration so I just put some pictures that make me feel inspired

indie, vintage, and 90s image girl, happy, and photography image blue image red velvet, kpop, and grunge image

3. To achieve the person you want to be

Again, these were just pictures that are things that I want to incorporate into my "vibe" and lifestyle

dress, girl, and dance image book, vintage, and door image aesthetic, coffee, and minimal image music, the beatles, and vintage image

4. To find the people that make you happy and challenge you to be the best person you can be

best friends, blair waldorf, and blake lively image girl, 90s, and vintage image friends, boy, and street image friends, girl, and best friends image

5. To find happiness (whatever that means to you)

girl and smile image laughter and pure image food, girl, and smile image alegria, feliz, and happy image

6. To be able to experience the world and all its loveliness

mountains, explore, and landscape image beautiful, Best, and flower image aesthetic, cyber, and ghetto image beautiful, earth, and inspiration image

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed this article! Remember that you are always welcome to message me