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SHINee is a group with 5 boys formed by SM entertaiment. They have been active since 2008.

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SHINee's name means "the one who receives light"

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They fans are called SHINee World (or Shawol), in reference they first album with the same name.

The color of SHINee World is aqua pearl green (aquamarine) and
is considered by many people one of the most beautiful oceans on industry.

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The symbols of the group are the five pointed star and the diamond

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The SHINee World and SHINee is considered one of the most clean and lovely fandoms/group in k-pop, cause in 10 years of SHINee, there was not much scandals envolved them (srsly, u can count on your fingers) and the relationship between fans and the boys are very close.

Really, really, close.

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SHINee family

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Global SHINee:
Instagram: @shinee
Twitter: @shinee

SHINee Japan:
Instagram: @shinee_jp_official
Twitter: ?
Youtube: ?
Facebook: ?

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Name: Lee Jinki (이진기)
Stage name: Onew (온유)
Birth: 14 december 1989 (28 years)
Height: 1,77cm
Nicknames: Dubu, old man
Instagram: @dlstmxkakwldrl

Onew is the oldest and the leader of SHINee. With a sweet and powerful voice he is the lead singer of the group.
According to the other members, Onew is trustworthy and a kind leader.

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Different of his apparence at first sight, Jinki is really extra. This side of him is called "Onew condition".

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everything he does is onew condition
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poor Jinki

- Onew isn't a talktative person, so you will always see him quiet during interviews;

- Afraid of children;

- He is the one who has not yet appeared shirtless;

- He loves eat. He eats everything. Anywhere. Anytime. But his heart its only for chicken.

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Solo promotions:
Onew acted in "Descendents of the Sun" (drama), "Brothers Were Brave" and "Rock of Ages" (musicals).

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Name: Kim Jonghyun (김종현)
Stage name: Jonghyun (종현)
Birth: 8 April 1990 (27 years)
Height: 1,71cm
Nicknames: Jjong, petit, dino, puppy, bling bling
Twitter: @realjonghyun90
Instagram: @Jonghyun.948

Before being discovered by a talent scout he played bass in a band with his friends. In SM he was considered one of the best vocalists among the trainees, becoming then the main vocalist of SHINee.

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- Jjong knew how to play piano, bass, guitar and kazoo;

- He loved fanservice/skinship;

- He spent most of his free time writing and composing songs for SHINee and other artists (during his life he composed almost 80 songs);

- Dated the actress Shin Sekyung.

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- Has Taeyeon, Yeri, Amber and Jun JoonYoung as bestfriends.

- Jonghyun was also known for crying a lot at concerts and interviews when he talked about his feelings. His family is composed only of his mother, sister and dog, so he considered the other members of the group as part of his family. He was very lovely with Shawols, too.

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Solo promotions
He produced during his solo promotions 5 albuns: Base, Story op.1, She is, Story op.2 and Poet | Artist ;
He was also a DJ on "Blue Night" radio show and writed a book entitled "Skeleton Flower: Things that have been released and set free".

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Name: Choi Minho (최민호)
Stage name: Minho (민호)
Birth: 9 December 1991 (26 years)
Height: 1,84cm
Nicknames: Prince, frog, flaming charisma

Minho is the rapper and the visual of SHINee. With that pretty face he has been for three consecutive years in the top 5 of the most handsome men in the world .
With his charismatic personality he is considered the glue of SHINee.

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- Minho's dad is a soccer coach. Thanks to that Minho loves soccer (and many others sports), so his dream is follow this career in the future, too;

- He's the most athletic member of the group;

- He has a funny and loud laugh;

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- Loves children;

- He is very competitive, especially when it comes to sports;

- Always sneezes when he comes out in the sun (and his sneeze is very funny)

- EXO Suho's best friend

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Solo promotions
Minho was already modeling before he even entered in SHINee, now he's an requested model.

He acted in a lot of dramas and movies like "To the beautiful you", "Hwarang", "The most beautiful goodbye" and "Derailed"

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Name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
Stage name: Key (키)
Birth: 23 september 1991 (26 years)
Height: 1,79cm
Nicknames: Kibummie, diva, Key umma, almighty key
Instagram: @bumkeyk

Key is the main rapper of SHINee but he can also dance and sing, receiving the nickname of almighty key.

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- He has the power to learn any dance of a girlgroup after seeing only a few times;

- Key has a lot of friends in industry and has a strong friendship with Girls' Generation

- He can speak english, japanese and chinese

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- A great fashionista ;

- He doesn't like to spend money;

- He lived with his grandmother all his life (until he become a SHINee member) so he needed the support of the other guys when she passed away.

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Solo promotions
- He acted in musicals like "Catch Me If You Can", "Bonnie and Clyde", "The Three Musketeers", "Zorro" and many others;

- Already collaborated with some stylists;

- He's constantly called to appear in variety programs.

- In 2014 was part of a collaboration with Woohyun (infinite). The unit was called ToHeart

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Name: Lee Taemin (이태민)
Stage name: Taemin (태민)
Birth: 18 July 1993 (24 years)
Height: 1,77cm
Nicknames: Taeminnie, Taeman, Taememe, maknae, magic hands

Taemin is the maknae and the main dancer of SHINee. He debuted when he was only 14 years old and although he is already an adult, he's still treated like a baby by the other members.

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- He can play piano;

- SHINee call him "magic hands" cause everything he touches, falls, breaks or disappear, so they worry a lot when he needs to travel alone;

- He's really shy offstage.

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- Hates bugs

- He is very religious (catholic)

- He's catholic name is "Francesco"

- Taemin is the most popular member of SHINee

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Solo promotions
Taemin is the most successful of SHINee when it's about his solo carrer.
His korean discography is composed by "Ace", "Press it", "Move" and "Move-ing".


(The most famous)

- 2MIN (Taemin x Minho)

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- JongKey (Jonghyun x Key)

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- JongTae (Jonghyun x Taemin)

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- MinKey (Minho x Key)

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And my favorite...

- The ill brothers JongOnHo (Jonghyun x Onew x Minho) xD

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There are some TV Shows (Variety programs and reality shows) that are essential if you want to know them.

Shinee's Yunhanam:
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Hello baby: SHINee
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World Date with SHINee
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SHINee's wonderful day
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The ultimate group: SHINee
Weekly idol ep. 41
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Weekly idol ep. 89
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Weekly Idol ep. 272
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We got Married: Taemin & Naeun
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We got Married: Key & Arisa
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Shinhwa broadcast ft. SHINee
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