Hello Dreamers! Today I have decided to do an ABC Tag. I've seen these around and thought it would be fun to do one, so here it is; The ABC Tag...

A - Admiration
Emma Watson

emma watson image emma watson, smile, and harry potter image

B - Best Movies
My favourite movies are Series of Unfortunate Events, Dog's Purpose and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

A Series of Unfortunate Events, movie, and lemony snicket image A Series of Unfortunate Events, gif, and Violet Baudelaire image a dog's purpose image draco malfoy, ron weasley, and harry potter image

C - Current Time
It is 4:50 PM

book, coffee, and plants image

D - Drink You Last Had

chanel, water, and luxury image

E - Every day Starts With
A nice warm Hot Chocolate

chocolate, marshmallow, and food image

F - Favourite Song(s)
I listen to a lot of songs on Spotify but my main genre I listen to is Pop

music, vintage, and indie image

G - Grossest Memory
My cat puking next to my bed

cat, coffee, and white image

H - Height
I am currently 4.6 ft

friends, city, and friendship image

I - In Love With
Drawing, Animals, Travelling, Food & Comfy Pants

art, coffee, and drawing image dog, girl, and cute image architecture, sky, and art image body, fit, and fitness image

J - Jaunty
I am jaunty (cheery, happy)

selena gomez, rose, and selena image

K - Killed Someone
Never in person, but I have in my mind

book, people, and punch image

L - Last Time You Cried
Today from a sore throat

glitter, eyes, and blue image

M - Middle Name
Don't have one.

grey's anatomy, nobody cares, and quotes image

N - Number Of Siblings

baby, cute, and love image

O - One Wish
To have the most adventurous life possible

friends, girl, and winter image

P - Person You Last Called / Texted

family, baby, and mom image

Q - Question You're Always Asked
Are you fully Hungarian?
(the answer is yes)

travel, wine, and city image

R - Reasons To Smile
Because you are beautiful

girl, beauty, and ashley moore image

S - Song You Last Sang
Scared to be lonely - Dua Lipa

chic, glam, and dua lipa image

T - Time You Woke Up
8:26 AM

sea, summer, and bed image

U - Underwear Colour

fashion, sweater, and clothes image

V - Vacation Place(s)
I'd like to go to France, Bora Bora, Italy & Switzerland

paris, eiffel tower, and france image beach, palm trees, and bikini image beautiful, italy, and sea image waterfall, switzerland, and nature image

W - Worst Habits
Nail Biting and Forgetful

flowers, rose, and pink image

X - X-Rays You've Had
Left Arm

write, vintage, and photography image

Y - Your Favourite Food
Chimney Cakes

food and sweet image

Z - Zodiac

aquarius, horoscope, and Leo image zodiac, emojis, and aries image

That is all for this article. Hope you guys enjoyed! Feel free to give it a go if you haven't already!

Amearli xoxo