Hello peeps! The name's Gar, I'm a 17 year old girl from Cali, and this is my first article! WOoooOooo crowd cheers and audience roars
Any-hoo I choose the #ThisIsMeChallenge because I thought it would be nice if you, my lovely readers (and perhaps fantastic followers), got to know me a little bit better. Let's begin....


fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, style, and pants image fashion, brown, and girl image fashion, style, and hair image fashion, style, and jeans image fashion, style, and girl image
I really don't know what to call my style, maybe classy retro punk something??


Some of my favorite colors are...

light, romantic, and beach image girl, smoke, and cigarette image plants, green, and nature image Mature image
Beige/nude colors, mahogany, fern, and rose gold/pastel pink


Voltron image flour, hilarious, and bobs burgers image anime, lance, and Voltron image pearl, cartoon, and steven universe image teen titans and beast boy image raven, teen titans, and art image
Coran, Louise, Lance, Pearl, Beast Boy, and Raven basically sum up my entire personality


art, ballet, and fashion image pretty, singer, and lana del rey image mylife, official, and three image Image removed
Drawing/painting(yes that's my art), singing, waterpolo, and yoga <3


Okay so I'm a huuuge animal lover so I couldn't just limit this to a four square grid, sue me

animal, giraffe, and photography image animal, ocean, and gorgeous image black, Chinchilla, and cute image cat and pet image dog, puppy, and dalmation image animal, cute, and llama image
My favorite animals are giraffes, manatees, chinchillas, cats, dogs, and llamas!


food, fruit, and breakfast image food, sushi, and green image food, potato, and delicious image food, pasta, and healthy image
oatmeal, vegan sushi, fries, and pasta


beast boy and teen titans image anime, wallpapers, and haikyuu image keith, lance, and shiro image 80s, coffee, and stranger things image girl, book, and netflix image Image removed
Teen Titans, Haikyuu, Voltron, Stranger Things, End of the Fucking World, and Spongebob


books, cut, and reading image art, deviantart, and tagalog image book, vintage, and old image beautiful, books, and calm image
Impulse, Any Brain Jacques book specifically Redwall, The Secret Journey, and the Inkheart series


harry potter, hermione granger, and emma watson image Image removed anime, sailor moon, and aesthetic image Back to the Future, 80's, and michael j. fox image gamora, guardians of the galaxy, and Marvel image jack frost, gif, and rise of the guardians image
All Harry Potter Movies, Home Alone, Sailor Moon, Back to the Future, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Rise of the Guardians

And that's it!
--"wow Gar you're so interesting, I'd love to get to know you, how can we keep in touch?" -my amazing, beautiful followers and readers
Well I'm glad that you asked! You guys can get to know me, request new articles, and ask me more questions by sending me postcards! I also have an Intsagram, Vero, and Twitter account all under: Garpnk. I know this was a super long article but hopefully you guys found it interesting :) Thanks for stickin' around!
- With lots of love,

(credits to original creator of this challenge)