Week five and thank you so much for your feedback ♥️

Five new songs for you guys:

Not A Love Song by bülow
I love this song because this is not a love song.

Devastated by Joey Bada$$
For those who love hip hop beats. A song I listen to when I’m on my way home.

Make Me Fade by K.Flay
Another song by K.Flay. Her sound is so hard to define … it’s just brilliant.

Cat’s In The Cradle by Harry Chapin
An old classic song with a meaning: Always try to find some spare time for your family; you might regret something when you’re older.

Young by Pixey
A great artist and beautiful woman who REALLY deserves more attention!
This song has a spirit and got stuck in my head for weeks now.

friends, fun, and boy image girl, friends, and night image

🦎 Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful week ♥️!

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