cue demi lovato singing 'this is me'

1. S T Y L E

clothes clothes clothes black
honestly i consider my style to be just really laid back–– i'm also a sucker for t-shirts with puns.

2. P E R S O N A L I T Y

funny 10 things i hate about you alcohol quotes
i can be very sarcastic at times (more like all the time), but i can also be very thoughtful and friendly–– yet i will admit one of my biggest flaws is my lack of confidence in myself.

3. A N I M A L S

animal animal Superthumb animal
i've honestly had a deep love for sharks since the second grade (even though they still scare me lol), but i love dogs and sea turtles are literally magical.

4. C O L O R S

beach beach city aesthetic
i'm a sucker for sunsets–– they're so mesmerizing.

5. H O B B I E S

book book Superthumb beach
reading and writing are my top hobbies– i've filled so many journals and my bookshelves are flooded, i played softball for 18 years and hanging out with my friends always guarantees a good time

6. S P O R T S

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
im a big sports gal, but my go-to favorite sports are baseball, hockey, football and college softball. the rays, red wings, steelers and florida gators are my all-time favs.

7. F O O D

Superthumb pizza delicious delicious
ok so i swear i have some good eating habits, but burgers, pizza, sushi and any kind of mexican food are my all-time weakness.

8. M O V I E S

80s Superthumb couple disney
stand by me (i seriously love all things stephen king, and the body is my fav novella), a league of their own, the last song and peter pan. i have a peter pan and stand by me tattoo!!

9. B O O K S

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb
i'm a sucker for stephen king books, but it and different seasons are two of my favs. saint anything is such a good book and sarah dessen is also my top fav author (i seriously love all of her books). i've read the summer i turned pretty trilogy so many times––jenny han is seriously amazing.

10. T V . S H O W S

quote chad michael murray Superthumb britney spears
shameless (us version), one tree hill, criminal minds and glee are my top favs.

11. M U S I C

Superthumb ashton eminem Superthumb
chase rice is literal sex, 5sos are maturing which is fantastic, eminem has had my music heart since i was 8 and demi is a damn queen.

12. Q U O T E S

anne frank people broken life
i just really love these.