Hello loves! So today i decided to write about how to take care of your teeth after you get your braces off.

how will it feel? your teeth may feel cold, your going to have to take pictures, and then get a mold for your retainer which is basically where you get to pick out what flavor you want for your mold my orthodontist had bubblegum, coca cola, pineapple, chocolate milk,orange, and strawberry flavors. The whole process is long i won't lie about that, i was told after i got my pictures to go wait back in the waiting room until the orthodontist called me back again.

I cannot stretch this enough but ALWAYS wear your retainers!!! Unless your eating or drinking. The only time you should take your retainers off is unless your drinking something that isn't a clear liquid such as chocolate milk,gatorade,tea,etc. The only reason i say this is because since the retainers are clear the drink would stain them and you definitely don't need that to happen! The only time you shouldn't take off your retainers is when you're sleeping, or drinking water.

If you don't wear your retainers your teeth will push back!!

after you get your retainers that doesn't mean you can go crazy with the chewy candy's or gum, ask your orthodontist if you're allowed to eat certain candies and gum.

Clean your retainer

Clean your retainer atleast every other week! your othrodontist should suggest you some tablets to clean them, you place them in a cup and drop the tablet in their but use cold water to rinse them! hot water will melt them!!

That's about all, Hope you all enjoyed this article!