"Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is that is felt rather than seen."
- Leonardo da Vinci

Welcome fellow hearters!

Lately I've seen more and more poetry comming up here and there on WHI and I cannot belive cause' that's amazing!
Just realizing how young we are but still so full of thoughts and feelings that can be put on a paper!(well not a paper, more like a website?)

Anywho... in this article (if you keep reading) I will be giving you some tips and tricks so that you can become a poet in some minutes! (aaaannd also some quotes from poems and tips on neat poets here on WHI)

The human being has written poetry for centuries but the very first poems were belived to have been sung. Songs are actually also poetry, with a melody!
As you probably know, poetry is a form of literacy but it's also so much more than that. Poetry is a form of art; art in a form of letters, verbal art. Maybe you have already read some poems(and that's great!) beacause then you have probably noticed that poems can look different and be about different things. It could be about history, religion, love, polictics, friendship, feminism, paranormal activity, comedy, nature, humanity etc.
Before you start digging into the mainthang(which is writing a poem, duh), I would like you to have a few things in mind. The first one is to think about what you want to write about and in which way you want to express it. What kind of impact do you want it to make on other people? Do you want it to be scary? sad? offensive? Or maybe funny?
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Remember, even though it's hard the best poems harbor feelings and when you read them it feels as if the poet's feeling are connecting with yours and you can feel and have compassion, understand what the poet felt when the they wrote it.
Poetry is often written in certain structures and ways. Your poem can be written in Haiku(a short poem, with different numbers of phrases on each line, of acient Asian origin), a poem with rhymes like a couplet, sonnect etc. If you're very confused right now just write your poem the way you want to. Don't be afraid to play with words and rhyme! That type of poetry is written in the form "free verse".
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"A poem doesn't need to be long when a few words can crush your whole world".

I know it might be hard to write a poem and express the feelings so for another tip you can add som pics and images in your article to bring out the feeling and the message for you poem.
Here are som examples:
If you're not in front of you're computer or mobile, maybe sitting on the bus home as the clouds melt into the sky and create a honey-like surface or when you're sitting in class, looking boringly and tired out of the window and you get a sudden rush of inspiration you can draw something little next to your poem. It could be flowers, things that you find beautiful or things that are related to your poem. Be creative and find knew ways to express you feelings to the fullest.
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Maybe you're stuck, looking desperately for inspiration for your poems. But hey, poems can be about fake feelings, you can fake it. The poems can also be about things that you have experienced, feelings and thoughts you already have on your mind. It's also a bit of a therapy to get all you feelings out on a paper instead of keeping everything inside. You might feel better afterwards. But if you're life is boring, without anything happening?
Weeeellll that's the next tip!
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If life's boring and there is absolutely no way you can get any inspiration from you're life you should go out there, create a adventure of your own or travel to some place that you can take inspiration from. It doesn't need to be far(bihh I'm not telling you to frickin travel to another country). An adventure or a travel session could be to take the metro into city, planning a sleepover with som friends, go to the library, watch the sunset on the beach(or from your window), take a ferry. An adventure can also be imaginary. Imagine and realease your fantasy, imgagine your somewhere in space, on a fishboat in Alaska, on a street in South Korea looking into a window with aesthetic clothes, wandering in a rainforest or maybe taking pictures in a museum or artgallery? You can of course look online or on WHI to find inspiration for you're poems. Only your ability to imagine is your limit.
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This last tip is not really a tip but more optional. Keep a small notebook and a few pencils in your bag or in you're pocket so wherever and whenever you can just pull them out and write down quotes and poems. For the one who wants to take it even to higher level you can draw, colour and put in flowers and small objects that you like as if you're scrapbooking or making collages. You can cut out small pieces of pics and images(mostly things you find inspirational) to decorate around the your poems and quotes. Believe me, the result is beautiful and you have the only copy of it!
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I hope you liked my article and found it helpful! I actually also write poetry so these tips are sincere and real. If you're interested in learning how to write haiku or any of the other forms of poem you can search online, or maybe find some examples of haiku on WHI. I've got actually sooo many upcoming poems I want to realese!
Much love!

Btw, here are som really good poems and poets;)