Hello World and welcome back to one more article by me.A few days ago,i posted an article which is called if girls were articles and i asked you if you want to see a part two from me,because i really enjoy writing these ''aesthetic'' articles.After the sweet and supportive messages you sent me,i decided to continue writing these articles and i am here today with a part two!

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↠ If the pink color was a girl,she would be sensible,friendly and innocent. She would have been tending to help all the people who needed her and she would be sweet,calm and organized. She would be romantic and she would look younger than her real age. Unfortunately,she could not appreciate her huge value and she should start trying to love herself more!

So,if the pink color was a girl,she would be a Real Princess.


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↠ If the purple color was a girl,she would be introverted,charismatic and gentle.She would care more for others than herself and would feel very desperate if she heard anyone commenting her negatively. She would love to travel and get to know new cultures and she would also have high goals and would do the best she could to realize them.She would be generous and would offer everything to others.

So,if the purple color was a girl,she would be a Kind Soul.


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↠ If the white color was a girl,she would be practical,positive and careful. She would have high standards and she could be very critical of herself and others,because she would be a perfectionist. She would be determined and well-balanced.

So,if the white color was a girl,she would be a Queen of Elegance.

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~So,that's it for today guys.I hope you enjoyed reading this article,as much as i enjoyed writing it! At this point I would like to make it clear to you that i don't know if color psychology is a part of science and i only made this article for entertainment. It's possible that one of the colors i mentioned is your favorite but you do not have the characteristics that fit to this color according to the psychology of colors.

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