I´m proud of you. You made it through the day. I hope you smiled a lot and if you haven´t, I hope you got one step closer to doing that again. I hope you didn´t have a stressful day and if you had, I hope that you got one step closer to having such a day. I hope you made a step forward and if not, I hope you still are proud of yourself. You made it through the day. I promise, only a few more until you can smile again, until you reach your goals, until you are happy. And I promise when you´re being happy right now that this feeling will last. I wish you all the best. If you´re feeling down, just remember you´re not alone. 7.4 Billion people are living on our planet. You´re not alone, there is at least one more person, feeling the same way as you do. You can do it. I believe in you and you should too.

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