In my last article I wrote about how I don't think that growing up should all be about pressure and stress. I learned a lot about that especially in the last six months which were so incredibly challenging for me.
For the first time in my life I moved away from home, moved into shared living with three other girls, had to deal with everything myself and had to deal with all of the Change and homesickness.
So here is what I learned in my first Semester of Uni:

1. If possible go to all your classes

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I know it sounds hard, but visiting all your classes is important! Being there, hearing what the professor tells you spares you a lot of time when it comes to studying. Same goes for taking notes during class. This semester I took a psychology class. It was pretty lame as the professor wasn't really competent so some of my friends started skipping classes because they were bored. They all didn't pass the exam!

2. Prepare for class

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As the Semester went on I started realizing that the amount of work just got bigger and bigger. I thought I could just wait until the end of the semester to get my notes in order and to read the book but during the time classes were still going I lost track of the lectures. I had to revise so much for my exams because I wasn't smart enough to summarize what we did in class every week!

3. Exploring the City is the best

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You have moved to a completely new city (at least most of the time) to start a new part of your life. Me, I moved from a small bavarian village to Nuremberg. Nuremberg is a big, buzzing City with a lot of history, good and bad. For me exploring where I'm now living is one of the best things about being so far away from home. I love taking walks along the river "Pegnitz", looking at all the old houses, and going out to eat to restaurants that would never open in my home town.

4. Old books are peaceful

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As I'm studying history going to the lib is one of the most peaceful things ever. The first time I opened the old wooden door, smelled the books and saw the ceiling-high shelves my childhood dreams had come true. There are books in there older than my University, there are books so fragile you can't touch them with your bare hands. All of the knowledge, the importance, the history in there creates a fuzzy feeling in my belly. Whenever I go in there I don't want to leave.

5. Homesickness is part of it all

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I'm very close to my family. I have a big family and I've always been very bad with adjusting to new Things or even sleeping over at a friend's house. Moving 100 km away from my family has been very hard but I've learned that it's all part of growing stronger and independent. Around Christmas time I cried in my bedroom a lot because I couldn't be home making Christmas cookies with my mom, watching a Christmas film with my dad and laughing my butt off with my sisters.
Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year and not spending the time up to Christmas with them was cruel. So my boyfriend wrote a list of Christmas cookies, made me a mixtape of Christmas Songs and an Advent calender filled with scented candles, face masks and fairy lights.
Christmas was great.

6. Work hard but don't destroy yourself

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As I wrote in my last article I feel stressed about my future a lot and always put a lot of pressure on myself. What I've learned from these past weeks of exam preperation is that working hard is one thing but wearing yourself out is the other.
After my last exam had finished I got sick, I just fell into bed and couldn't get up for several days. That is not what's supposed to happen. We Need to take breaks, do things that are fun. In the end all we can do is all we can do and destroying ourselves is no way to succeed.

7. You can find love in all the places

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And lastly: wherever you are, you will find love and a home. I thought I would never feel at home in Nuremberg but right now it is slowly becoming exactly that; my home. I've grown these past 6 months and I'm proud of myself for that. My relationship has also grown. It has become incredibly strong. He is not only my lover but my best friend and my soulmate.
I've found new friends. Not many but a few that will hopefully stick with me over the next 3 years.
And lastly I am now even closer to my family than ever before because I now really appreciate them for who they are and how lucky I am to have them.
I have two homes now.