Hello little stranger,
Welcome back!

Today I'd like to share with you some fact about me. Like this, you can know me better. And tell me if you do the same thing or if you are like me. It could be fun! So let's go!

  • I'm a moody person. And I try a lot to not complain all the time. It's hard to think positively when you used to be a pessimist.
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  • When I was younger, I would like to be a journalist or an archaeologist. Because I love reading and writing. But I also love history. Now, I would make the studies to become an interior designer.
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  • I'm in love with the sound of electric guitar. By the way, Dire Straits got a good sound.
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  • I love to talk with pets. And I know they can't answer me, but it seems like they hear you and understand you. Also, I've got a Cavalier King Charles.
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  • I have to sleep a lot to not be tired. When I don't sleep well or don't sleep enough, I can be very excited and be a real dynamo or a zombie.
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  • I've got nose bleed since my childhood. Maybe around 5 years... And recently I've got lots of them... Quite annoying.
  • I start to learn English with Youtube videos. Of course, I've got English classes since a long time ago. But I used to watch Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee's videos since my 14 yo. In the beginning, I used to understand almost anything. Now I can understand almost all the inside jokes they love to make.
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  • I prefer to send a real message to a friend instead to use Snapchat or Instagram. Or I can use the application WhatsApp to send them. But receive a classic message make me feel happy.
  • I'm French and I can speak English, Spanish, a little bit of Italian and German. When I was in middle school, I learn Latin and I quite like it. So apologise for my mistakes. I used to make a lot.
  • I'm very shy and I don't how to speak with people. I feel super nervous and I blush every time. It's hard for me to look someone's eyes when I don't know him/her. But with my friends it's okay. And I'm very social otherwise. Social but shy.
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  • I was a fangirl of 5sos in their early days when they start their group. I quite give up when I pass the Sixth form. But I enjoy their new song. It's a pleasure to hear it. My favourite member used to be Luke.
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  • This moment I've got an obsession with buns. I pass all my day with a messy bun. Usually, I don't really like to have my hair tied up because I don't like the shape of my face. But surprisingly, now it's okay. Now imagine a girl with a messy bun singing in front of her mirror. Singing Africa from Toto. Yes I know it's an old song!
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Here we are. Did you enjoy? Would you have another post with facts about me? Well, see you soon little angel and tell me if you have common points with me.

Cheers xxx