i'm in love with the idea of piercings, there are some i have wanted for such a LONG time (like an industrial piercing & second lobe piercings)

so i compiled a list of piercings i want to get when i am 18 so i don't need no one's permission to get them done.

if you don't know why any of these piercings are, i'll leave a chart type thing at the end of the article :)

1) - industrial (on my right ear)
i swear i have wanted this piercing for the LONGEST time (2 years lmao), ever since i saw a picture of one i was so intrigued and i just wanted to see more. i am most definitely getting one in the future.

piercing, ear, and black and white image ear, industrial, and earring image

2) - rook (on my left ear)
i havent wanted this for that long, only because i didn't know the name of this piercing lmao. but i definitely do want this piercing and i have wanted this for a few months now.

piercing, girl, and accessories image piercing image

3) - double helix (2 helix piercings next to each other, on my left ear)
i love the helix piercing in general, it looks so damn beautiful and you just can't go wrong honestly, but i love the idea of a double helix piercing.

diy, double, and ear image Image removed

4 & 5) - second lobe and third lobe piercings (on both ears)
they are so beautiful, i think they look the best with gold hoops so they are identical on both ears.

earrings, jewellery, and hoops image Piercings image

the piercing chart thingy;

aesthetic, aesthetics, and helix image

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