I thought I should join this challenge, so here are some things I always have in my packback:

black, black aesthetic, and nike image nike, black, and tumblr image
I always have a black nike backpack.


copper, fur, and goals image face soap, skincare routine, and clinique image
Some random sanitizers, soap bottle and tissues.


animal, color, and colour image alternative, grunge, and sad image
Me being the sneezy one.


grunge, boy, and feminism image brown, perfect hair, and pony tail image
Typical things like tampons, pads, medicine or just a plain hair tie.

School Supplies

colours, stabilo, and drawing image Dream, colors, and colours image motivation, Paper, and study image college, notes, and school image
Random pens, highlighters, paper, my note sheets and folders.

Typical Stuff

accessiores, michaelkors, and portmonee image art, artistic, and deep image
Like my money, my ID, my keys. Sometimes my charger, because I mostly forget it.

What I wish I could have

kawaii, rilakkuma, and san-x image aesthetic, yellow, and gudetama image
I wish I had a Jinbesan keychain, because I couldn't find pictures from him here I used Rilakkuma and Gudetama.

What do you got in your backpack?