Huddled against myself at 3am, remembering everything that went wrong. My mind tricks me into reliving that moment everyday. It feels real, everything is the same. The smell of your cologne overwhelms my senses in waves. The taste of your lips has left its trace on mine. I want to live in this moment forever. Before we grew apart, before you stopped caring for me, and started caring for someone else. When it still felt like your love was only meant for me. And this memory pulls me in like a warm hug, then I hear your quiet voice. It astounds me how right this feels. But your voice gives it away, I know this is not real, it couldn't be, because you never spoke to me in a whisper, always in a yell. Blaming me for the things I couldn't give you, the things that you needed to give yourself. I loved you with all my heart, but because you couldn’t love yourself I was never enough. But I would still have given the world for you.