hey everyone in this article I'm going to mention some of the reasons why i want to travel for the rest of my life.

1) sunset

"sunsets are proof that even a terrible day can have a beautiful ending"
i just love sunsets. the colours are beautiful and they just make me feel happier (kinda cringe i know)

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2) the beach

i love the beach because my whole life, the beach has probably been the place i have spent most of my time at. i guess thats because i love it? i love the sound the ocean makes when it rolls in and out. i love tanning on the sand. i love spending time with my family, in the outdoor, its just complete bliss.

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3) just the vibes in general

i love travelling to new places because it makes me feel good, it makes me happy, it gives me good vibes. just think the cute cafe on the corner that does the amazing coffee you don't have at home, think the sunset that you get to see every night and never gets old, think about all of those things and tell me it doesn't sound nice.

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if you read this far then thank you haha, be prepared for some more articles by me, i love writing them and just writing in general. hope you enjoyed reading, goodbye!