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Today I have for you an interesting article, especially for the ones who are struggling to understand if their crush likes them back. Today's article is about male body language!

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Do you wanna know if he's interested? Do you wanna know if he's like "When I look into your eyes, it's over ,You got me hooked with your love controller...I'm into you, I'm into you yaaah.." like JLo? Than notice...

  • His eyes

If his pupils are huge while he's looking at you that is a great sign. The dilatation of the pupils occurs when we see something we want or like, notice also if you guys stare at each other's eyes without him looking in other directions ( sometimes this may happen also if he's shy and not just because he's not interested).

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  • Eyebrows

If you're talking and he raises his eyebrows that means that he's really interested in whatever you're saying.

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  • Legs & Feet

If he's sitting with his legs crossed that isn't a good sign, he should sit with his legs spread, the same thing also applies to his arms, but if he keeps touching his forearm you can relax 'cause that means he's really fascinated by you. Also, notice if he points his toes towards you 'cause giirl if he does prepare your wedding dress!

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  • Hair & Beard

Normally when a guy is attracted by someone, keeps touching his hair and his beard 'cause he's unconsciously trying to look good in front of you, basically he's just trying to look like a snack for you.

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  • Mirroring

a male body who's in love keeps mirroring your posture, gesture etc.. for example if you touch your hair he does the same.

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  • Voice

He will raise his voice and laugh loudly to catch your attention.

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So, these were some of the signs that can help you understand if he likes you or not. Hope you like it and let me know if your interested in a second part.

Good Luck!

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