Street Fashion 2018

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Above all, in this winter, there are different types of golfs that perfectly match the coat

There are suits in various colors on the pictures of Fashion Week.Thick down jackets with a strong color accent appeared at the Versace show.The grille, grille and grille is probably the most popular pattern this season. Personally, I like the coat best.

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The fashion nightmare is back. Corduroy, again in fashion, was best adopted in bronze but also in dark pink.

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Dark black and glistening skin on the catwalk at Bottega Veneta, Fendi or Stella McCartney. It's a connection for the brave ones.Pastel colors on sweaters, dresses and bags go back to fashion.White kitschy shoes will rule at fashion shows and on streets.

In fashion, everything knows no limits. Not depending on the amount of money, you can always look great. The look is our business card
The entire winter collection is now coming down from the shelves of the store and new hits are coming soon. See you.