Today's challenge was to write about 2 memories I have, but if I am honest, I have the worst memory ever, so I'll have to think that one out. When I remember 2 memories, I'll post them another day, sorry 😅😅

Make a list of 5 places you want to visit


beautiful, thai, and thailand image Image removed nature, travel, and thailand image

Look at this, who wouldn't love to go to Thailand? I'm in love with it since my parents showed me their honeymoon pictures 😍

2 • Greece

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Amazing, isn't it? This is another place my mother has been to, and I would love to visit it too.

3 • Japan

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Japan has a different culture than mine (totally different) so I would love to explore everything it has to offer. And of course get to eat a lot and try new things.

4 • Paris

accessories, france, and paris image paris, city, and france image

The city of love ❤😍 Maybe going to Paris will make me find a man to fall in love with ( I wish)

5 • Los Angeles

Angeles, buildings, and california image Image by Jas Via

L.A is just a place I've been really interested in going since I can remember. I don't know if it's because of Hollywood, or if it because of my dream of being a singer, but either way. I'd love to go!

What places would you like to travel? I am sure I want to see it all, but I don't have time nor money 😂😂
Maybe one day.

Thank you for reading, I hope you like it!

Love you!