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-Girl power-

Hello everybody who's reading this article. I love wrtiting here different articles and now I brings to you this one. My characters in aesthetics. I hope you will like it and if you have any questions about anything you wanna know, just send me postcard or leave a message. So let's do this!

-Siena Bella Andrews- Volleyball Fairy

ball, sport, and white image volleyball, sport, and volley image nike, outfit, and sport image clothes, outfit, and dope image fitness, fit, and motivation image netflix, food, and room image

-Hwang Yumi- Let Me Know

vans, shoes, and tumblr image outfit, adidas, and jeans image anime and monochrome image girl, flowers, and pink image girl, supernatural, and little red riding wood image anime, asian, and gif image

-Min Yena- Infinity Roses

eyes, eye, and blue image fashion, panda, and style image fashion, outfit, and style image light, girl, and dance image couple, love, and dance image exo, sehun, and kai image

-Florin (Flor) Martin- This Is Our Time

gif, the 5th wave, and ben parish image dark image zombies, zombie, and gif image cole sprouse, boy, and riverdale image the walking dead, twd, and carl grimes image black, quotes, and alternative image

-Autumn Crawford- Be brave, little witch!

girl, book, and hair image gryffindor, harry potter, and house image harry potter image gif, gifs, and movies image harry potter, creatures, and hogwarts image harry potter, new generation, and fred weasley image

So this was the first part of this article and soon I will come with the next article with my other characters. I hope you liked it and then leave a heart or reaction. Bye everyone!