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My last article about spanish words received a lot of good feelings, so I decided to make a part two.
Last ones where some of the "unknown" (even for spanish speakers) cause we don't use them very often. But today, I will incorporate more familiar words. Hope you like this!


(adj.) quality of splendid (that stands out); express fullness, brightness, greatness
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cualidad de espléndido (que destaca); expresa plenitud, brillo, grandeza.


(n.) exaltation of the spirit, especially of a passion; something that moves with desire, with vehemence and enthusiasm
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exaltación del ánimo, especialmente de una pasión; algo que se mueve con ganas, con vehemencia y entusiasmo.


(n.) dim light in pink tones that appears just before sunrise
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luz tenue y en tonos rosados que aparece justo antes de la salida del sol


(n.) optimistic mood based on the expectation of favorable results
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estado de ánimo optimista basado en la expectativa de resultados favorables


(n.) optical phenomenon where the tone of light varies creating small rainbows
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fenómeno óptico donde el tono de la luz varía creando pequeños arcoiris


(n.) a moment of surprise revelation
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un momento de sorpresiva revelación


(adj.) that will last forever; that, having had a beginning, there will be no end
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que durará siempre; que, habiendo tenido principio, no tendrá fin


(n.) an excessively sweet, soft or delicate sound
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un sonido excesivamente dulce, suave o delicado


(n.) literary composition that is conceived as an artistic expression of beauty through the word, especially that which is subject to the measure and cadence of the verse
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composición literaria que se concibe como expresión artística de la belleza por medio de la palabra, en especial aquella que está sujeta a la medida y cadencia del verso


(n.) the resolution of a story
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la resolución de una historia

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