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Yes, we are real like the wizards and unicorns ( by the way R.I.P unicorns). But my in my case it's more like a biological condition than a own choice. I Didn't choose to be a mermaid, I also didn't born like this, - otherwise some ( maybe many of them actually) mermaids born mermaids because of their genetic (mother,grandmother,auntie,etc who are mermaids too) - it was a fatality that happened to me, then I had to learn about to deal with it, this wasn't even easy ( it's not yet), but it's a long story for later. I'm actually here to expose the reality and struggles about to be this amazing mystic creature that's the mermaid. 

1. Not every mermaids love the sea and animals 

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I'm talking about the mermaids who live 90% of their time in the surface, like me, neither all of them, but some ones don't have and don't like to have a closer contact with the sea and are not big fans of dolphins,fishes and the others sea creatures - I don't wanna let anyone down,but I'm not vegetarian or Vegan( I'm huge  fan of salmon,it's one of my favorite foods)- . And  before I come mermaid, I used to keep out of the sea, I was hydrophobic ( because I accidentally was sink by my dad during a bath when I was two months old, it became a trauma to me), I couldn't even swim.  

      However,it doesn't make us lazy,evil or without a heart. But, normal women, like you and the others girls that are not mermaids. It can looks beautiful and exotic, the idade of to be a mystic creature, many of us just want to have a normal life any other person.

2. The Tail smells is really disgusting 

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The problem is not when you're under the water, but when you come out to the surface. Delays about 15 to 30 minutes to your legs back at normal. And while it doesn't happens, you're obligated to smell inhale that stink for a half hour until your legs to be ready to walk.
     And to complete the situation, the bath time is not one of the best moments of the day, if you are the one who love long baths ( just like I do or used to do before to become a mermaid) you, of course will have the company of your tail. Honestly I rather don't describe the details, but generally mermaids spend about 3 to 4 hours ( sometimes 5) to take a good bath, not including the part of wash the hair,because it takes some hours more . I like to use Soap( that one we use to wash dishes or clothes),lemon,milk,salt and disinfectant, I mashup all the ingredients and use it like a Bath liquid soap during my baths. 

3.Bath in public are not allowed 

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There are  just a few of rules for the mermaids, by the way we are in the Earth has some million years and since then, just happened a few of conflicts between us and we got to keep our secret of the biggest part of the humanity. The rules are really simple,keep out from the don't trustable humans and NO BATHS IN PUBLIC (* Edna's Mode voice*). If you're a mermaid, forget about Sea World,Disney's aquatic parks and even busy beaches. It's not new that mermaids at  public  places would attract the attention of many people, the media and specially greedy people that can put our survival at risk. 
    As I always was very cautious about my identity of mermaid, nothing happened to me until now. 
    It's said that mermaids who break the rules are seriously punished by the god of the water ( that's another long story), there are reports of mermaids who had their tails burned( and consequently their legs), or got blind or mute, the older mermaids whom we call "guardians"  use to say that they taste " the hell's flavor". But in my opinion to be captured by humans and be explored by them and to be used like a object, it's huge punishment. 

4. We created the modern beauty standard

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  Thanks to us ( unfortunately), the slim/sculpted body is a beauty standard until nowadays. It happened because until the half of 20 century, mermaids used to attract men to the water with their charming, although the fact that actually it's more about our abilities of charming and hypnosis, the men started to assign these enchantments to our physical appearance. Extremely fascinated by the mermaids when these men returned to the surface they looked for women with characteristics similar to the mermaids. 
   The reason why we always look like "real Barbies" is because the body of a mermaid works different of the human's body does. We burn calories five times faster than an human woman- in addition we use to be more hungry than the humans - , specially because of the fact we are able to swim in a velocity of 74 miles ( 120 quilometres) per our under the water. For the organism of a mermaid, the  unnecessary fat mass  is treated like urine and feces, it needs to be expelled, we normally eliminated while we do our physiological needs,  it happens under the water it's able to feed a entire shoal of krill. it's kinda disgusting, but it's our contribution in the food chain.
   However,we are far of have the one that's considered "the perfect body". We have scars,stretch marks,celulite like any other woman. 

5. Let's talk about the tail, once again.

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If you was born a mermaid, congratulations, because it's not a big problem to you. By the way, birth mermaids have their tail since the moment they born, so it's like if was a leg or an arm that always was there. They learn to use it usually while are giving their first steps( the biggest part of them), for this reason they swim very well since a very young age. Also exist birth mermaids that was raised entirely/ or biggest part of the time in the surface and doesn't swim very well.
     But if you became a mermaid throughout life, it's not even a fairy tale. It takes a time to learn to  swim with the tail correctly, it's like learn to ride bicycle... of a Ton!  In the begging is really hard because the tail looks so heavy. After all, we spent your lives moving our two legs for everything, and now you have tail in the place of your legs that's heavier than your two together. I remember that my first experiences as a mermaid I had to boost myself in the water with my arms, because the tail was so heavy to me move it. With the time you learn that swim with the tail is more about technique than physical strength. 
      In general, I didn't find many advantages about have a tail, except for the fact that's so beautiful ( I really love my tail,it's golden and turquoise, and specially the fact  the end of the tail has the shape of a butterfly) and we also are probably one of the faster sea animals. 

6. Not every mermaid can sing 

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Due to many stories and legends about us, the people think  - including  that ones who study about us - we are able to sing like Christina Aguilera or Beyoncé, but  unfortunately it's not exactly true. We can reach high notes easily, but it doesn't makes us professionals with a tuned voice. Actually, I'm really bad singing. There many mermaids who sing very well, it's so true,by the way, some of them are internationally famous, Cof Cof Shakira Cof Cof. 

7. What we think mermaiding 

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The biggest part of the mermaids,specially the elders think it's offensive. For these mermaids it's so offensive as white person wearing a costume of black person. We are living in the earth has million years, actually the specie whom gave origin to us is in the earth more time than the humans or the first primates, we evolved a lot, to come up to the appearance we have today,more humanized, the mermaids suffered a lot in the past. Through our history of existence we already was captured, burned in bonfires during the dark ages for to be considered witches, slaved, assaulted and raped by humans (don't ask me how, it's really sad and horrible topic we don't like to talk about), and also had to hide ourselves from every entire world and everything. Otherwise, the mermaids from this new era, respect the life style. 
       After all, it's about feel good with yourself and who you are inside. By the way, they are not doing anything bad for us, so what's wrong if it makes you happy? This is our philosophy of life. 

8. Actually we have envy of the professional mermaids 

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    But it's a good little envy, you know, we don't hate them, contrariwise, we really appreciate them and just think how lucky they are.  In my opinion and in the opinion of many young mermaids, there are perks about to be a professional mermaid, more than to be true mermaid, althrough  they aren't so fast like us or have "super powers", they are totally able to swim so graciously and beautifully million times better than us, their tail is not so heavy like ours and they can take off it when they want, and it also doesn't stinks like a fish market. For to be a professional mermaid you need to love what you do, love mermaids and the nature. This is so beautiful, the way they love mermaids, in their own way, are always trying to make people aware about the sea life. They don't need to hide from the world who they really are. 

9. The transition

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The transition from human to  mermaid is just the worst part of a mermaid's life. There are many ways to become a mermaid, by intersections of the ethereal mermaids or even by the guardians, it also can happens by the contact with contaminated anemones, or in the most ordinary way, that one we use to see on tv shows and movies, that's swim ( accidentally,most of the times) in lakes or rivers modified by mermaids,but it's not so simple how it looks, it depends of a lot of circumstances, and it's not only swim in the lake that you will become a mermaid, if you will try to do this. Sunburns and injuries are the only proven causes that can result in a transition.
       However, receive this "gift" is not for everyone. The transition takes time, it can happens in a period of 7 to 45 days, the symptoms  usually are strong headaches, pain in all over the body,high fever, excessive loss of weight,hallucinations, injuries very similar to burn from hurting,blindness, paralysis and in the worst of the cases: coma. But it's very relative, you won't have all these symptoms, maybe some of them,maybe all of them, it tends to be different in different people. 
       Many women die  during or after the process, because they can't take this. It's a painful , exhaustible and horrible experience in the full sense of the world. And in the end of everything you gain a sculpted body,incredible abilities and a beautiful tail, does it worths all that pain? 

10. Mermaids are extinct 

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Perhaps this would be the saddest fact about us. Due to the evolution, climatic changes,illegal hunting by the black market ( it's very rare, but can happens), modern mermaids who want to have an normal life in the surface, and many others factors.
   It's estimated that are about 3000 mermaids around the world. It's also known that are only  three communities of mermaids where a group of mermaids live together, localized in Australia,Asia and South America. The biggest part of them live in Sydney. Our specie  decreases 5% in a year and grows just  2%. Yes, this is our reality. 

And after it all, if someone asked me if would rather to be an human again, my answer obviously would be a sonorous not. Even after everything that happened to me, I finally accept who I am. I really believe I can make the world a better place, and try to be a better mermaid and a better half-human being everyday.