Hey everybody,

Today i decide to write about photos you can recreate with your best friend/groud of friends and i thought that it would be fun,because i hadn't done something similar in the past so here we go.I hope you enjoy this article.


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This photo may be one of my favourite,because what a better idea than travel to beautiful destination and take pictures with your bff and all of these moment will last forever!!


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What about this one? Friends who take pics on the road stay together.😜


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I would really like if you guys want me to write an article about how to feel confident in your own skin or how to feel good with bikini.Let me know if you want these types of articles.

Now that summer is literally around the corner( jk in my area has been snowing for 2 days in a row) is time to wear that bikini and go live your best life.And remember that every body is bikini body you don't have to have abs or whatever.You are beautiful.


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So you had organized a trip to Disneyland? No problem,you can take some bomb pics and with these cute ears will be perfect!!!


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Best friends till the end!


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You and your best friend are on a cute coffee shop,so what are you waiting for? Take that indie/tumblr photos...


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And last but not least,you ordered pizza and why not taking some cool pictures? We all know that pics with food are just perfect.

So guys that is my article.I hope you enjoy it and maybe i gave you some ideas to recreate some pics with your besties because memories will last forever.

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The ultimate friendship goals

xoxo Mag