Girls Girls recently gave a sign of life again and in honor of that, I decided to give them some special promotion and list all the reasons why people should check Girls Girls out.

Girls Girls debuted in 2015 with the single album Strong Girls and the concept sexy fenale warriors. Which is probably the first reason to check them out, since many people are calling for a group that isn't cute and actually has a strong image.

The second reason to check them out is the fire they put into their dances, which I haven't seen in many groups. Deal is the best example for this. They are synchronised, fierce and sassy in this dance practice.

They also have good live vocals and rap. Usually when an idol is good at dancing, they have an area where they are more lacking (I know, this isn't the case for some other idols), but Girls Girls are all good at dancing and at the same time good at either rapping or singing, or in Miso's case, both.

For the international crowd it is also a plus that they might tour overseas. Miso had her first solo Europe tour.

They are from a small company and that means their mv's aren't that fancy, but they are of pretty good quality seeing the
resources their company has.

Intro Dance Video

Debut: Deal

1st comeback: Girls Girls (second single on debut album)

2nd comeback: Juicy Secret

BTS - I Need U
(Vocal and dance)

(Dance only, 4 members)

Block B - Very Good

Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty

They are pretty damn great, so if you could check them out it would make me very happy :D