what's going on?

hey there! actually, this is my first article ever published on whi.
Since I'm not in school because of holidays, I was liking posts on whi, and realized how cool the idea of writing such articles must be. Another reason why I do this is because I need to detract myself from the little heartbreak I'm in right now.

Now, my current situation is, that I'm 16 years old, turning 17 in 2 months. I love cats (yup, really love them), singing and eating. And of course, I listen to music all the time, like nearly every teenager does.


This article contains a question that I want you to answer.
I have that little thing I do all the time and it annoys me so much, but somehow I need to do it. It's kind of an addiction.

I imagine situations that will never happen. Mostly, they contain people like my crush or smth and yes, I think the unhealthy thing is, that since these things will never happen, I get disappointed and can't enjoy my real life anymore.
I'm not sure whether I'm the only one doing this because I suppose that a lot of people do this, they just never talk about it.

quotes, kingdom, and words image
I think this quote describes the situation very well. My life's not that poetic though, but still.

So can u tell me whether you do this also and how you handle with the situation?