1) Choose a year theme (mine is "back to the essentials")

2) Make a everyday to-do list (up to 3 tasks, so choose your priorities)

3) Choose your outfit the night before (you can also pack your things, make breakfast or prepare your makeup tools the night before)

4) You can also make a list of go-to outfits (you can use an app like MyDressing for example, I've been using it for a year and it work for me :-)

5) Never let any piece of paper on your desk (or worse, the floor x). Store them as soon as you have them

6) Get rid of notifications on your emails box and social media.

7) Keep a list of things your want (for people to give you as a gift) and things you need (grocery shopping or for school for example).

8) Create routines (morning and evening) to make time for things you want to do and your tasks.

9) Try minimalism, or at least keep only the things you really need. Keep your decor simple too.

10) Avoid multi-tasking. It seems pretty tempting, you we usually work better when we focus on one task.

11) Unfollow Facebook Friends you are not really friend with, or at least the ones who put you in a bad mood. Same for the Instagram subscriptions

12) Stop keeping perfume samples, or free calendar, and more generally free things you don't really need.

13) Set goals only if you really want to achieve them.

14) And probably the most difficult one, cut out from toxic people. Really hard to do, but truly release you !

Hope you find it interesting ! If you have any suggestion, you can ask me, I'll do my best. :-)