Love for me is the love i have for you
I'm starting to know you
You make me happy I know it's sappy but truly no one knows the true me but you

I wanna inspire you to make you see the things you can do not what you can't

The negative words from your lips tire me they are so demeaning I fell in love with your feelings they're so appealing. Don't come to me with all that negative shit Im tired of it please.

I love you why can't you see what I see

Your words inspire me they never tire me I keep on trying and you stand on the other side of me

I love you I truly love you this ain't no fake game I know my heads insane but i try to play the game so I make things change.

The love I have for you is special the love i have for you is unforgettable. You won't forget it you won't regret it. I love you for you...please don't forget it.