The best cleansers are not pricey.
Trust me, a really simple one will work the best. It doesn't need any extreme ingredient, you will wash it off anyway. Cleansers supposed to cleanse your face, leave the fancy oils and whatnot to your moisturizer.

HOWEVER watch out for alcohol and Sodium Saureth Sulfate (SLS). I know, getting rid of all that greese after a long day might feel good but it strips your face from natural oils that protect it from dust and germs.
(It's fine to have some in the product as long as it's not in the first 3 on the ingredient list.)

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This is my favourite at the moment. It's around 1.57$


Don't be afraid of using moisturizers with oils in them.
Linoleic oils work like magic on oily skin.

List of oleic and linoleic oils:

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This is what I'm using now, it contains vitamin C that make my skin a bit shiny but it gets rid of my acne so I'm Ok with it.

Eye cream👀

For a long time I haven't used any, but I just couldn't help buying this adorable little thing when I first saw it.

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It makes me look like I got enough sleep after studying the whole night so it was totally worth it.

I don't feel like it's extremely necessary if you don't wear eye makeup every day, but if you want to try one out make sure to chose one that does not contain anything that might irritate your eye out.