I'm in a serious relationship with my Kurdish boyfriend , from 1 month .
He is a serious men with a good situation , he is 19 and i'm 16 .
He never have a relationship before me cause is a good men .
I'm his first girlfriend and his my first boyfriend in a good relation .

I wanna to be serious and good for him and i think him too .
He is virgin and me too .
He is Muslim but I'm not and for him it's not a big deal .

His mum know he have a girlfriend cause when i'm with him my perfume is on his outfits and he smell the girl perfume and cause he go out a lot this time .

One day his mum told him " I wanna met her " and when she say that he answer " no i don't have a gf " and his mum saw him like " reeeeeallyyyyy " .

So i think it's not a big deal if he is in couple for his family but his mum don't know i'm not Muslim and i'm 16 and idk if it's a problem for his family .

In 99% , be in relationship with a Kurdish it's impossible cause for they don't have the right to be in couple before the wedding .