Today I will tell you about five passions I have.

1. Drawing. I like drawing because you can put into paper all you can imagine, bringing to life new things. While drawing you can let your mind free and that will make you lose the notion of time.

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2. Design. I have always loved the idea of creating my own brand, a few days ago I discovered an app for developing this skill, and now I feel closer to that dream. Starting from creating little things, like logos for example to something bigger ones, it can be possible!

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3. Travelling. I love to go to new countries to learn about their daily life, the architecture, their traditions, to meet new people. It's insane how much you can learn by just living the experience.

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4. Writing. Here on We Heart It I have discovered that I really like to write about my thoughts, my opinion on certain topics and inspirational articles. Sometimes we feel the need to let our thoughts free and the best way to do it is writing!

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5. Enjoying life. I wanted to add this one because we all should enjoy life to the fullest. I really like to enjoy about the happy moments, the time I spend with my family, friends and boyfriend, everytime I draw or when I sing the lyrics to my favorite song. Some moments are just special and why not to live them with passion?

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I hope you liked my article! -Alison G.

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