So I didn't get tagd by anyone but I thought it would be good for you to get to know me a little bit. So here it is!

A - Age

I am 15 years old.

B - Best Movie

I don't really know but I like The Greatest Showman

C - Curent Time


D - Drink You Last Had

It is boring but water

chanel, water, and luxury image

E - Everyday Starts With

Eating Breakfast

Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee

F - Favorite Song

I don't know but I really like IDGAF by Dua Lipa

G - Guess What

You should follow me!

H - Height

166 cm or 5 foot 4 or something like that

I - In Love With

Dancig and gymnastics

Image by ash ❦

J - Jealous

Yes, sometimes

K - KIlled Someone


L - Last Time I Cried

Like two days ago

M - Middle Name

Louise and Josefin

N - Number of Siblings


O - One Wish

Go to Brazil

brasil, brazil, and palm image

P - Person You Last Texted/Called

My mom

Q - Question You Always Ask

Wait... What?

R - Reason To Smile

My dog, my friends

S - Song You Last Sang

Take Me Home by Jess Glynne

T - Time You Woke Up

About 10:00

U Should

Totally follow me!

V - Vacatin Places

Brazil, Maldives, Greece, Italy

beach, life, and friends image girl, travel, and summer image

W - Worst Habit

Cracking my knuckles.

X - X-Ray You've Had

My teeth, arm, legs, back and neck.

Y - Your Favorite Color

White, Grey and Black ( I know boring)

Z - Zodiac Sign

Virgo (August 29th)

star sign image

Hope you got to know me a little better!

Love, Emma