Hey guys, today's article I have done before but I have lots of homework sadly and school stuff and this was the first thing that came in my head so that's why. Well now we got a part 2! Hope you like it!

Mature image bed, Drake, and Lyrics image
🎧God's plan-Drake

Honestly this song is soooooo good, it has meaning to it and you will think a lot after listening to this song and the official music video, it's amazing, just great! I love Drake!

bazzi and andrew bazzi image playlist, why?, and new song image

Bazzi is a new artist and honestly I'm so hooked to his songs, especially this one. It really brings your emotions out!

mine, rm, and bazzi image andrew bazzi and bazzi image

Another one by Bazzi! Love him tooo!

aesthetic, beautiful, and blue image andrew bazzi and bazzi image

anddd... hahahaha this is the last one by Bazzi sorryyy he's really guddd <3

playlist, marshmello, and anne-marie image anne, marie, and annemarie image
🎧Marshmello & Anne-Marie

This one I actually found out as I was writing this article, VERY ironic but I really like it! It's obvious and who knows, you might even relate to it!

madisonbeer, music, and asshepleases image Mature image
🎧Heartless-Madison Beer

This is her new album called "As she pleases" the whole damn album is amazing!

madisonbeer, music, and asshepleases image beer, madison, and song image
🎧Home With You-Madison Beer

Another one from the album!

drawing, madison beer, and art image Image by m
🎧Fools-Madison Beer

I just suggest you to listen to the whole "As she pleases" album please!

khalid and fifth harmony image angel, smile, and khalid image
🎧Love Lies-Normani Kordei & Khalid

Another awesome duet, love it!

And that's about it guys, I really hope you listen to these songs, they are really good and hope this helped you in some way! xx