Ok, so is no reason to be sad, they are lots of beautiful and smart people which are not having a date on this day because they are training to find the perfect person. So:
1. Go outside at a beautiful restaurant

beautiful, drinks, and yummy image food, pizza, and lovely image Chicken, delicious, and food image

Take some pictures, fell good, you don't know when the perfect date decided to take a sit at your tabele because the restaurant is full and believe me is it in valentine's day. Ok, it can be not your soul made, but you can meet a new friend.

2. Go somewhere you like

aesthetic, pretty, and art image blue, shark, and fish image Central Park and new york image

3.Take some pictures

bag, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, black and white, and girl image fashion, girl, and style image beige, brown, and camel image

4. Go out with squad

Image by Libertatem adventure, inspiration, and friends image friendship, best friends, and friends image

5. Take care of your self

Image removed babe, skinny, and cute image gucci image Image by Ксения Иванова

Yes! I mean go to spa, take a long bath with bubbles and bath bombs :) Face mask and make-up, every thing you like, just take time for your self and relax.

6. Buy new clothes, makeup and lot of food

clothes, fashion, and yellow image bodysuit, closet, and spring image makeup, beauty, and nars image makeup image beautiful, brunette, and girl image best friends, bff, and red image

7. Serials, movies, books, comfy pajamas, food and coffee all day

Image removed sushi, food, and american horror story image book image

Hope you enjoy it :)))))))))