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Describe your relationship with your parents.

My relationship with my parents is like a best friend. They all truly like a friend you have, even sometimes I forgot they are actual my parents. So I do often made them upset because my attitude seems like don't have a disrespectful to them like how do I talk, argument and etc. I really love them so bad, if I just thinking about them its makes me want to cry. I'm not living together with them for awhile because now I study college outside on my hometown. So its like I just finally understand how strong bonding with them, and its makes me love them more.

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My relationship with my father is really mysterious. He is really have a mysterious personality that I even confuse to explain it so that's why I say my relationship with him is mysterious. Like you have a strange, unique and mysterious best friend guy and you love him with all of your heart. I'm so close with him and we really rarely to fight. He is a person who never say “I love you,” directly to people he love, and I understand that. But the fact is until now, I don't know a much about him, what I know he is my father and I love him so much.

With my mother is like a love-hate relationship, friend-enemy (frenemy) relationship. Since I was a kid, I always had a fight with her and bickering all the time. I still remembered how many times I threw a pillow to my bedroom wall and whispered how I hate her. Its really sounds ridiculous right now. Everything change when something bad life experience to her, I can't talk it out loud in here because its about her privacy, my family privacy more exactly. Since that, its make me open my eyes, heart, and mind to her. Its made me realize that I never trying to understand her, and in other hand, she never giving up to put her shoe on me and always trying speak to me about anything. Its just because we are have a strong personality, so we always fail on communication. But don't worry, its all just a past and now i love her more than anything in this world.

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In the past I always talk about anything to my father, and rarely talk to my mom. But right now, I always talk about anything to both of them. Because of them, I learning about don't take anything for granted. My parents teach me about simplicity in life, without they realize it or not. My father teach me, you don't need to over reacting to anything, just be yourself. Happiness is homemade, being happy is so simple. My mother was really rarely say yes to me. I always asked anything to her like so many fancy stuff when I was kid but she always say no. Back then I would really angry about it, but now I just laughing when i thought about that, feeling really grateful that she does that to me. So myself right now is trying to always grateful and give thanks to Lord for everything that I have, because of my parents. Talking about my parents is make me miss them so much, and i do love them forever with all of my heart.

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Thank you so much for you all who read this, and don't forget to love you're parents, you're family, because they are truly deserve it! That's all for now, see you tomorrow!