Hey, it's me, Duua. (You pronounce my name just like Duua Lipa. She stole my name, no tea no shade, just facts. JK)
As some of you all, may know, that I love doing some sketches/drawings in my free time . Mostly I draw cartoons because they are easy and it isn't taking as long as realistic drawings and others . As y'all may noticed, I draw Ariana a lot because I love her and she's queen of pop. Sorry Taylor. Disclaimer: There goes my promotion on IG.
If you want to see my drawings/sketches, please follow me on instagram: @𝘥𝘶𝘶𝘢𝘥𝘳𝘢𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 ✨❤️ thank you. (by the way, im not a professional so,,,, yeah)

Step 1) You are first going to lightly sketch, REALLY lightly. The image in your head, are you going to draw on paper. I also do some guidelines because that really helps where the nose/mouth is. So my trick is that I see human parts as forms. For example: the nose has a triangle shape. So you draw a straight on triangle, but LIGHTLY. The eyes has more like
a oval shape, so you draw an oval, easy like that.

Step 2) Now you're looking at the details. The oval you just drew, is going to be an eye. The lid of the eyes is thick, lashes are short/long
etc etc.

Step 3 (final) If you're done with the details, you might look at it and think, hmm, that kinda looks weird to me, well you can always grab an eraser and erase the not so flattering part. You can always change your work and improve. Don't worry if the improving is slow/late, time is just straight up an asshole.

So that's it. I'm sorry that I didn't post my own sketches, I'm an asshole but, congrats you just drew a face. If it doesn't look good in your opinion, you can always improve your artwork no matter what. You are going to slay this shit. You can always message me and I will respond as fast as I can!