As I say every year, I'm going to work on changing up my hair game. To try out new hairstyles, to learn how to do my hair. Because one day, I'd like to do my kids hair, and you know have some idea, of what I'm doing, ahah.

Some of the hairstyles I'd like to try are:

black braid
hair, beautiful, and braids image
blonde beauty
girl, vintage, and fashion image
beauty black and white
aesthetic, hairstyle, and bang image
Superthumb Superthumb
black women, pretty hair, and dark skin image
girl Superthumb
asian, girl, and ulzzang image
girl beauty
alternative, model, and bald image

Hope you feel inspired by these hairstyles, and try something new this year. Whether with you hair, or some other area of your life. If you have any favourite hairstyles, let me know.
Love, love, love you all and hope you have a great day!