Hi Guys!
Since this is my first article, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Ashleigh. I am 18 years old and I live in Doncaster.

I am going to tell you guys my 100 favourite things (mostly) using images so that you can get to know me a little better.

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1. Favorite candy?

sweet, rainbow, and sugar image
I love these sweets, usually, they're called rainbow belts or gay bacon in the UK.

2. Favorite song?

This is a hard one as I have so many favourite songs. Right now my top 3 favourite songs are:

Louis Tomlinson - Miss You

Harry Styles - Girl Crush (Cover)

Grace VanderWaal - City Song

3. Favorite food?

food delicious
I really can't decide on my favourite food but pizza and BBQ spare ribs are definitely at the top.

4. Favorite drink?

coca-cola, life, and hipster image
Vanilla Coca-Cola, even though hardly anyone else I know likes it.

5. Favourite band?

one direction, niall horan, and liam payne image
These idiots <3

6. Favourite movie?

matilda, book, and movie image
Matilda is definitely my favourite movie, I know every word of it!

7. Favourite book?

book, fangirl, and rainbow rowell image
Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is definitely one of my favourite books but I do love to read almost anything.

8. Favourite restaurant?

HR, noodles, and instagram image
I love the katsu chicken curry at Wagamama although I don't go there very often.

9. Favourite person?

louis tomlinson, one direction, and 1d image
Louis Tomlinson, one of the kindest and strongest people I have ever known.

10. Favourite hair colour? Eye colour?

beauty blonde
I really like this hair colour even though I would never be brave enough to try it myself. I don't really have a favourite eye colour but I think that heterochromia is really fascinating.

11. Favourite website?

instagram image
Instagram is my favourite site and I also prefer the old logo.

12. Favourite game?

award, funny, and game image
I don't think this requires an explanation.

13. Favourite flower?

beautiful, lilium, and beauty image
Pink lillies

14. Favourite school subject?

I don't really have a favourite school subject. Right now, I am doing A level business studies, ICT and criminology.

15. Favourite City?

london, Big Ben, and england image
London is my favourite city because it's always so busy and it has loads of shops and cool places to eat!

16. Favourite number? letter?

My favourite number is 28 and my favourite letter is A.

17. Favourite animal?

animal image
I love chimpanzees and I thinks it's amazing how alike we are.

18. Favourite TV show?

boy, tv show, and drag queen image
My favourite TV show is RuPaul's Drag Race, I can't wait for season 10 to start!

19. Favourite quote?

Treat people with kindness - Harry Styles

20. Favourite nickname?

My favourite nickname I have is Hot Wheels. (if you know me, you know why!)

21. Favourite store?

bath, lush, and beautiful image
Lush is my favourite shop, all of their products are so nice and they don't test on animals either.

22. Favourite colour?

I don't have a favourite colour as it changes from time to time,

23. Favourite article of clothing?

louis tomlinson, eleanor calder, and one direction image
My favourite piece of clothing is probably pyjamas because they're so comfortable.

24. Favourite type of perfume or cologne?

perfume perfume perfume louis
I like all of the One Direction perfumes (obviously) and I like Victoria's Secret body sprays.

25. Favourite memory?

Meeting Louis - 22/10/12.

26. Favourite age?

18, the age I am now.

27. Favourite trait?

coffee mug, humor, and sense image
I think a good sense of humour and sarcasm are traits everyone should have.

28. Favourite music video?

dance, song, and gif image
History - One Direction.

29. Favourite time of day?

The Morning.

30. Favourite Tumblr?

larryspineapples and yourssincerelylarry. They make amazing manips.

31. Favourite phone brand?

Samsung because that's the phone brand I have.

32. Favourite shoe brand?

adidas, shoes, and pink image
Adidas is my favourite shoe brand because I have an obsession with trainers!

33. Favourite fashion style?

I mostly wear casual and comfy clothes and I hardly ever dress really girly. I don't wear makeup either.

34. Favourite patterns?

gold feather background background adidas background

35. Favourite gift?

Personally, I think that any gift is a great gift as they didn't have to get you anything at all.

36. Favourite joke?

fungi, joke, and louis tomlinson image
Why did the mushroom go to the party? Because he was a fun-gi.

37. Favourite crisps brand? Flavour?

My favourite brand of crisps is Pringles because they fill the entire tube with crisps, my favourite flavour of Pringles is salt & vinegar.

38. Favourite band to see live?

one direction, milan, and San Siro image
Definitely One Direction because we do things like this.

39. Favourite teacher

The best teacher I've ever had taught me Spanish, her lessons were always a good laugh!

40. Favourite celebrites?

1d ashton Superthumb youtube

41. Favourite news station?

Probably ITV or BBC

42. Favourite DIY?

I don't really do DIY, does fanart count?

43. Favourite instrument?

music guitar

44. Favourite genre of music?

I'll pretty much listen to anything.

45. Favourite season?

I can't decide between autumn and winter.

46. Favourite experience?

one direction, niall horan, and louis tomlinson image
Being lucky enough to attend the boys' final concert before hiatus. 31/10/15 - Sheffield Arena, England.

47. Favourite shirt?

My "Keep staring, I might do a trick" shirt.

48. Favourite bottoms?

Either jeggings or joggers.

49. Favourite interpretation of love?

love, quotes, and red image

50. Favourite existential thought?

Why is "extraordinary" used to describe something great when it is just "extra ordinary".

51. Favourite scents?

Vanilla, Summer Scoop Yankee Candle, Gingerbread, Chocolate, Lush stores, fresh flowers, smoke from a barbecue, candles after they’ve been blown out, inside of a new car and hairspray.

52. Favourite human interaction?

larry, Harry Styles, and louis tomlinson image
A hug can fix everything.

53. Favourite musical?

1960s, theatre, and art image

54. Favourite compliment?

Anything I guess, unless it’s backhanded.

55. Favourite insult?

Depends on the person.

56. Favourite mobile phone game?

homescapes cheats image

57. Favourite type of phone?

The phone `I have, a Samsung Galaxy S5

58. Favourite boys and girls names?

Anything Traditional, I like unique names as long as they’re not totally random.

Boys - George, Freddie, Alfie, Ollie and Noah
Girls - Emilia, Charlotte, Gracie, Allie and Sienna

59. Favourite country?

My own, England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

60. Favourite pair of shoes?

Any of my trainers.

61. Favourite artist?

My fellow fan artists, you’re all so talented!

62. Favourite body feature (on yourself)?

Probably my hair, and I feel so much better about my teeth after having braces.

63. Favourite body feature (on others)?

Either their eyes or smile.

64. Favourite YouTube video?

65. Favourite YouTuber?

baby, youtube, and british image
The Saccone-Jolys.

66. Favourite meme?

Ava Ryan - Your hot mess friend Charlene.

67. Favourite Tumblr post?

Anything from larryspineapples or yourssincerelylarry.

68. Favourite typeface?

Calibri body.

69. Favourite Lush product?

lush, peppermint, and bath bomb image
Intergalactic bath bomb.

70. Favourite holiday?

christmas, winter, and home alone image
Christmas, if only for the pigs in blankets.

71. Favourite computer brand?

I have a HP Chromebook, so probably that.

72. Favourite lyrics?

There’s too many to list.

73. Favourite milkshake?

milkshake, chocolate, and delicious image

74. Favourite advice?

If your going to hit someone, You may aswell hit them hard! - Harry Styles.

75. Favourite message you've ever received?

“I’ve got you tickets for Harry’s concert xx “

76. Favourite message you've ever sent?

I can’t really remember a favourite message I’ve sent.

77. Favourite occasion?

Probably birthdays.

78. Favourite aesthetic?

79. Favourite model?

gigi hadid image

80. Favourite car brand?

I’m not really that bothered about cars, but I do think minis are cute!

81. Favourite fandom?

fandom, Harry Styles, and one direction image
My own, obviously.

82. Favourite emojis?


83. Favourite hobby?

I don’t really have any hobbies, probably reading and editing.

84. Favourite TV show characters?

Do drag queens count as characters?

85. Favourite book characters?

Audrey - Finding Audrey
Wren - Fangirl
Eleanor - Eleanor and Park

86. Favourite movie that's coming out?

I don’t know what’s coming out?

87. Favourite designer brand?

jack wills and fabulously british image

88. Favourite dessert?

dessert, food, and ice cream image

89. Favourite ship?

one direction, Harry Styles, and louis tomlinson image

90. Favourite dance move?

dance, funny, and one direction image

91. Favourite dance moms member?

maddie ziegler and hair image
Maddie Ziegler.

92. Favourite rap verse?

I don’t really listen to rap music.

93. Favourite drag race queen?

Superthumb Superthumb
Courtney Act/Shane Jenek

94. Favourite word?

There too many because I talk too much.

95. Favourite feeling?


96. Favourite picture on the Internet?

meme, Harry Styles, and styles image

97. Favourite phone and/or computer background?

louis tomlinson, one direction, and 1d image

98. Favourite weather?

Probably Rain as long as I’m inside.

99. Favourite mode of transportation?

Cars or trains.

100. Favourite console?

Probably my old Nintendo DS to play Nintendogs.

If you made it to the bottom without getting bored, thank you, I love you!