DAY 7: something interesting (that's happening right now)

It’s Monday! No, it’s Mini Juliette!
No, it’s both - it’s a Mini Monday!

From now on, I will post an article every Monday. I’ll have a whole week to work on it, because I only want to offer quality content to you. I say no short lines or obvious content, no to stuff written for the sake of posting something! I truly have fun writing, and this is a very fun way to exercise my English.
So, here it is, every Monday. From me, to you. Follow this collection and never miss a Mini Monday:

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Now that I'm done with that boring introduction...

Hello, dear! How are you?

Are you living your normal, reassuring routine? Are you enjoying these last days of cold before spring comes, bringing the necessity of changing up the clothes peacefully hanging in your wardrobe? Are you making plans with your friends, inviting them in your favourite café or to see some random movie at the cinema?

Oh, how much I envy you! Because here in Milan, babe…

It’s that moment of the year again!

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The streets are filling up with stunning models walking arm in arm, silky air scattered in the wind, stepping on your self-worth with their breakneck heels. Designers and their assistants pop up in your favourite café, in disguise, pretentiously ordering coffees with soy milk and vegan croissants, generating endless lines of angry citizens behind them. Metro stations are crowded, at every time of the day, with people screaming and laughing, standing in large groups exactly where the doors open and you’d like to walk out. People are proudly showing off bold – but questionable – fashion attires, admirable if not for their fashion taste, for their pride in displaying them in open public.

If you live in Milan, London, New York or Paris, you definitely know what I’m talking about – Fashion Week is here!
/ both excited and fearful screams arise

dress black black model

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love fashion. I tire down my friends, family and lovers, point at whatever they are wearing and exclaim something that goes like: “Oh! Do you know how much Gucci Garden that sweater is? God, the embroidery of those tiny birds and flowers makes me feel so peaceful”, “Your pearl earrings are the exact replica of the Dior ones, where did you buy them?”, “Those sunglasses are totally inspired by the last Chloé collection, baby girl, you look so cool!”.

I live in the Italian Fashion Capital. I read Vogue and literally talk to the pages expressing my unrequested opinion.

But the chaos, oh, the chaos Fashion Weeks bring! It’s like falling in love – you feel all dizzy and overexcited, and that’s wonderful, but dreadful at the same time.

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Have a nice day, sweetheart.

Remember, life is like a mirror: it smiles to you only if you smile at it first.

xo 𝓙𝓾𝓵𝓲𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓮