I turned around and saw my life smiling at me.

Bridges burned down, the ashes were blown away by the fierce desire to live my life all over again, I took a leap into the future.

I was heading in unknown roads, taking a right and a left and sometimes losing myself in this new dimension.

I looked at the sky and saw the clouds telling me stories of the past, the present, and the future.

Every single day was a new challenge. To live, to smile, to make things happen.

I had the choice to make things happen.

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Some faces looked at me and smiled and, sometimes, I was the reason behind the smile of others.

It's only February...
And life has turned around...

I look at the blood and bruises lost in the previous battles, and it no longer pains.
The ghosts don't frighten me anymore, for I am now walking into the Light.

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More challenges are yet to come,
more people are yet to meet,
more memories are yet to be made...

It's only February and the world has turned around...

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I believe and will always♥