Hey guys♡
So I've been wanting to be more active with posts, and I'm debating doing a 31 day writing challenge- with that I decided I would do an introduction type get to know me post. I've also been seeing a 'ThisIsMeChallenge' lately and felt this fit with the timing of that as well.

If you’ve read any of my other posts you might’ve noticed I tend to ramble. So I decided instead of giving you a longwinded story about me I’d do an ‘A-Z about me.’

funny, girl, and photo shoot image black and white, makeup, and love image body, fitness, and pink image autumn, love, and best friends image
Das me :) not A1 pictures, but the ones I found I posted on here

Okay so here's my alphabet↓

A- anxiety (optimistic start I know)
B- blunt
C- chaos
D- Drake Bell (life long idol)
E- extra (what’s the point of doing something if you don’t go all the way with it?)
F- F•R•I•E•N•D•S (the show, I don’t have any)
G- gemini
H- hypochondriac
I- insomniac (I’m writing this at midnight and I have work at 7am)
J- just
K- kidding
L- Lynn is my middle name (it’s actually spelled with an e at the end, but I like how it looks w/o the e better so I just stopped writing it | unless it’s an official paper of some kind)
M- music, movies & makeup (I couldn’t pick one, I love them all in different ways)
N- Noah (boyfriend who I’m in love with)
O- overthinking
P- photographer
Q- quote addict
R- Rottweilers (my favorite type of dog, I’ve had 3)
S- sarcastic, really sarcastic
T- tattoo says “if you don’t live for something you’ll die for nothing”
U- ulta (I spend too much time and money there)
V- vsco (follow me @courtschaos) haha wow I’m sorry
W- Will (best friend, who also happens to be my ex, I know.)
X- xylophone (yes I needed a word - but this was the first instrument I learned at a class before pre-k)
Y- youtuber
Z- zoom (my favorite show right now is The Flash)

There ya go. A-Z about Courtney Lynn(e) get it? Hahahhh okay anyways thanks for checking this out. In the spirit of posting more, I am going to attempt a 31 day writing challenge. Apparently it takes 25 times of repeating something to turn something into a habit, so it should be a full blown habit for me a week before it’s over🙃 Talk to you guys tomorrow.

-XO Courts

The last article I posted. It happened, and it sucks.
If you only want to follow my articles this is the collection they will be posted to, appropriately named; knowing I will more than likely be writing these after midnight.