"Hey there Jay." I turned around to face Asher, who was giving me a soft smile.

"Hey Asher." I replied. You walked beside me as we both started walking to school together. You were wearing pretty casual clothes, but for some reason it made me think that you were wearing some designer clothing.

The way you walked, moved, and even looked just made you seem so model like. The only reason you probably haven't been signed as a model to some high brand was because of the way your personality was.

Asher was too aggressive at times, so him as a model probably wouldn't work out. I wasn't sure what Asher wanted to be, but I knew he'd be good. He'd strive in life and I know many people don't really see that, but I do. I believe in him.

Asher nudged my shoulder, looking down at me, "Care to hang out with me, Jay?"

"And what is it that you plan for us to do?" I grinned.

He smiled, showing off those white teeth, "Why, we are going to the carnival!"

The carnival; full of fun rides, cotton candy, food, more food, and more importantly, food!

I was excited, beyond excited to go to a carnival. The last time I went was probably around 10 years old, and all I remember was how much fun I had.

I did a little jump in cheering, looking at Asher, "When is it!"

"Tomorrow, it's all day, and starts at 9:00am. I'll pick you up at your house around 8:30am, ok?"

I nodded happily, "8:30, got it."

I honestly couldn't help but think, 'maybe it's a date'. He said, "hang out", but still.

I don't think I was just wondering if this was some way of a date, but I was hoping it was a date.