Okay so I have to tell this to the World.
I have a rare obsession with blue-eyed boys.
I KNOW IT IS CRAZY but I mean, we all have our weakness, don't we?
So I'm making an appreciation post for those boys who are likely to steal my heart.

#1-This cute dude

boy, flowers, and model image

#2-Sweet baby

boys, tumblr, and cute image

#3-Oh Lawrd

boy, model, and guy image

#4- !!!!!!

tim borrman image

#5- Alex Ludwig aka daddy

alexander ludwig image

#6- My eternal love, Logan Lerman

Image by (:CRAZY:)

#7- Oh My

boy, Hot, and sexy image

#8- speachless

boy, model, and justus eisfeld image

#9- Fav vampire

ian somerhalder, damon salvatore, and the vampire diaries image

#10- Least but not last, this precious creation of God

handsome and sam claflin image
Even though he doesn't have blue eyes, he's still being a snack for me.

Soooo that's it, everybody! I hope you've enjoyed my article.
Lots of love around the World from your friend Calisto Baby <3

beautiful, bjorn, and blue eyes image

Hasta la vista, babies!