Just saw this on discover and I thought it could be a nice distraction so here ya go~

A- Age


B- Best Movie

Mr. Right

C- Current time


D- Drink you last had

Chocolate milk

E- Everyday Starts With

Morning routine (Dressing, coffee, light breakfast, makeup if I have time)

F- Favourite Song

Good lord, I can't decide :') . Either some $uicideBoy$/XXXTentacion song, like Kill Yourself pt.3, Degausser by Brand New, Obstacle 1 or Obstacle 2 both by Interpol.

G- Grossest Memory

Probably seeing the entrails of a racoon when I was 5, but I most likely saw something worse in an anime xD

H- Height

5'4 (and a half T_T ) 5'3 would've been perfect

I- In Love With

Alcohol ?

J- Jealous

Jealous of people who have a normal/cute life with a good mental health and a boyfriend

K- Killed Someone

Not yet. Joking x)

L- Last Time I Cried

Yesterday I think ? Dunno, I'm bipolar type 2, I don't keep track anymore ^^'

M- Middle Name


N- Number of Siblings


O- One Wish

Having a loving boyfriend with a cute house and 3 dogs... :')

P- Person you last called/texted

My mom I think

Q-Questions you are always asked

Are your nails natural ??

R- Reasons to smile

Being in love and being loved

S- Song you last sang

A vintage cover of Creep -Radiohead

T- Time you woke up


U- Underwear Colour


V- Vacation Places

I'd love to go to quite a few places, but Italy and Japan take the lead.

W- Worst Habit

Scratching my arms when I'm stressed/distressed?

X- X-rays you’ve had

Head, spine and knees

Y- Your Favourite food

Meat, not sure if there's one I like more

Z- Zodiac sign