Hi people!

This is a list of some books that i want to read in this year

1.- Vicious (V. E. Schwab)

book, books, and vicious image

2.- Six Of Crows (Leigh Bardugo)

aesthetic, aesthetics, and authentic image
Seis de cuervos

3.- Mistborn (Brandon Sanderson)

Mature image
Nacidos de la bruma

4.- The name of the wind (Patrick Rohtfuss)

book, books, and fav image
El nombre del viento

5.- The shadow of the wind (Carlos Ruiz zafon)

the shadow of the wind image
La sombra del viento

6.- I'll give you the sun (Jandy Nelson)

Image by will he ?
Te daria el sol

7.- Captive (Jex Lane) Beautiful Monsters 1

I didn't find an image of the book

So this is the first part of my reading list
if you have some recomendation please tell me