you text me out of nowhere and say whats the matter
nothing, as i'm doing just fine.
but little do you know,
dear god, i miss your hair that is darker than the ocean
and how dearly i need the satisfaction of your piercing eyes
i know you're not okay
is what i long for you to say, but instead
no response is what i get.
i know this world has broken you and
i know i'll never be able to fix the parts that are broke
i know you use humor to hide pain
i know you fuck over every girl possible to make you
feel better about yourself.
i don't want sex, but if it keeps you satisfied,
i'll walk in to a war zone for you.
i know you value control, playing the role of Christian Grey.
a smart girl would take all of these as warnings.
but no
i'm a goddamn fool.
and i have been since day one.
i will continue to be a goddamn fool.
because only fools fall for you,
and only fools fall long enough to land in your arms.