1-will he,demons, i don't wanna waste my time- joji
2-idfc- blackbear
3-out of control- clear static (this band is so underrated you must hear this i promise it will change your LIFE!)
4-desire,shine,king- years and years
5-don't worry about me- killedmyself (this song is nostalgic)
6- i wasnt enough for you, i need you- bojet
7-pretty girl,flaming hot cheetos- clairo
8-my kind of woman,chamber of reflection- mac demarco
9-new person, same old mistakes, elephant- tame impala
10-heart out,robbers,falling for you,love me,somebody else,the sound- the 1975 ( i mean the 1975 is everything just look at my profile damn i love this band so much lmao 100% recommend)

I really recommend these songs it is worth it.
give it a like if it changed your life (it will, so like this lmao)
If you want to hear more songs message me or like this so i know.
love u