I was bored and graving to write articles.

A - age

15 Superthumb beauty Superthumb

B - best movie

Baby Driver
Superthumb Superthumb baby driver Superthumb

C - current time

3:16 am
11:11 clock Superthumb clock

D - drink you had last

Superthumb aesthetic coffee coffee

E - everyday starts with

avocado breakfast banana bacon

F - favorite song

Rn, fOoL fOr YoU | ZAYN
zayn malik aesthetic header Superthumb

G - greatest moment of your life

My first kiss on fourth grade
aesthetic black and white black and white grunge

H - height

Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb funny

I - in love with

Books, Supernatural, WHI, Netflix
book dean book chill

J - jealous

people who have experienced love
boy couple Superthumb couple

K - killed someone

In my mind? Waayyy too many
Superthumb tate Alyssa aesthetic

L - last time you cried

Today, because I remembered me and my friends are going to high school except they are going to go to different high school than I am
blue crack cry dark

M - most wanted

break up book empty movie

N - number of siblings

2 too many
baby best friends quotes Mature image to view this image go to your settings and enable mature content

O - one wish

When you open a book you get to live it for as long as you like
Superthumb aesthetic book book

P - person you last called

My mom
families Superthumb funny baby

Q - questions you ask all the time

What? WTF? Really?
aesthetic Superthumb ? Superthumb

R - reasons to smile

Friends, food and good WiFi
backpack Superthumb favorite Algeria

S - song you last sang

We don't have to take our clothes off | Ella Eyre
boy Superthumb Superthumb Superthumb

T - time you woke up

12:47 am
Superthumb book Superthumb aesthetic

U - underwear color

bed bouquet flowers body

V - vacation places

New York City and New Zealand
city lake Superthumb building

W - worst habit

Ignoring people
hurt Superthumb blonde feelings

X - x-rays you've had

bones bart bart painting

Y - your favorite food

food cheese food food

Z - zodiac sign

quotes Superthumb Superthumb quotes

This took me about a day to finish, oh god 😂 I'm so ready to go to sleep, thank god. Hope you liked it.