My Name In Colours Challenge/ Challenge Mon Prénom En Couleurs

Hi my name's Camille.

C. Crystal Pink

chanel, pastel, and makeup image pink, crystal, and pastel image fashion, dress, and pink image aesthetic, pink, and soft image

A. Argent

Image removed fashion, dress, and style image Image by Nina💓✨ Image by carrington

M. Midnight

blue, theme, and dark image blue, theme, and navy blue image fashion, paris, and saint laurent image moon, night, and gif image

I. Ivory

beautiful, europe, and fountain image flowers, rose, and white image dress, fashion, and wedding image crown, Queen, and rose gold image

L. Lucite Green

pantone, spring, and 2015 image texture, nature, and ocean image water and cute image aesthetic, aqua, and beach image

L. Lily White

aesthetic, light, and white image rainbow, grunge, and pale image heaven, light, and white image water, blue, and aesthetic image

E. Ecarlate

red, Devil, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and heartbreak image red, quotes, and aesthetic image red, neon, and aesthetic image