1.) Pretty Little Liars

girl, pink, and light image pretty little liars, pll, and troian bellisario image pretty little liars, pll, and tattoo image aesthetic, house, and tv show image
Okay, I have not started watching this yet, and I know, I know, I haven't watched it before. At all. Ever. I've seen a lot of aesthetics on here for the show, and I know the basic gist of it, as well as the characters/actresses, so I'm looking forward to starting this show.

2.) Moe Sargi (YouTube)

castle, haunted, and mansion image lights, sky, and morning image abandoned, abandoned places, and factory image snow, abandoned, and architecture image
Moe is a YouTube urban explorer/former prankster, and seriously I'm obsessed with his videos. I have this fascination with abandoned buildings/haunted places, and he explores all of them fearlessly. I definitely recommend giving him a watch if you have not heard of him. He is really genuine and funny, and I think he deserves all of the support/views he gets.

3.) OmargoshTV (YouTube)

derelict, scary, and battered image pink, grunge, and pale image alternative, dark, and horror image house, pink, and grunge image
Like Moe, Omar is an urban explorer on YouTube (who I'm equally obsessed with no lie). He gets a lot more into haunted videos, and he collaborates with the G Team Paranormal Investigators in a lot of his content. He's a super badass and awesome to watch.

4.) Wolf Creek (TV series)

10000, 120, and 6 image Image by The Hub red, car, and aesthetic image girl, indie, and grunge image
Another one that I haven't started watching yet - it's based off of the horror movie series Wolf Creek about the serial killer Mick Taylor. I think the show has been discontinued at this point, but I heard really good things about it, and I love anything horror so I really wanna give it a shot.

5.) Dead by Daylight (gamplay on YouTube)

Image removed grunge image Image by Deize blood, horror, and hands image
For real I actually have this game for Xbox, and I suck at it but I still love it XD It's in here mainly because I love watching YouTube gamers play this - the aesthetics of the game are amazing and the gameplay is hilarious.